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Employee Health And Wellness Program

Our comprehensive approach combines personalized fitness plans, mental health resources, and preventive care initiatives. From virtual fitness classes to mental health workshops, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your team. Experience heightened productivity, reduced absenteeism, and a thriving work environment with our cutting-edge program.

Optimizing Well-Being: Elevate Your Workforce with Our Premier Employee Health and Wellness Program

Unlock peak performance and foster a thriving workplace. Our comprehensive Employee Health and Wellness Program prioritizes physical, mental, and emotional well-being, ensuring your team’s success and satisfaction.

  • Primary Health Care Services;
  • Monitoring, Support, Training and Education;
  • Screening for chronic diseases/conditions;
  • HIV Counselling and Testing;
  • TB Screening;
  • Mental health/Psychosomatic Illness;
  • Drug Testing;
  • 24/7 Telephonic Trauma and Counselling services as well as via multiple virtual platforms.

01. Legal Support

Legal experts are made available during regular business hours, ready to provide legal advice and information to your employees. Contact via email or telephone.

General Legal Advise Includes But Not Limited To:

  • Criminal Offenses Property Matters Fines;
  • Contracts Divorce Maintenance;
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents One free letter of demand;

Advise On The Following Topics:

  • Divorce Kit;
  • Small Claims Court Kit;
  • Child Maintenance Kit;
  • Domestic Employment Agreements;
  • Face to face counselling (up to 6 sessions).

02. Trauma & Burn-Out Assistance

Our registered counsellors offer telephone counselling for challenges such as trauma, grief, depression and burnout. Each employee will get to know his/her personal counsellor, thereby creating good rapport and building trust with them.

Can you recognize the early signs of burnout?

Exhaustion, being easily drained emotionally and mentally, and being or feeling less productive at work.

Trauma And Burnout Assistance Can Deal With And Is Not Limited To The Following Challenges:

  • HIV & AIDS;
  • Depression & Anxiety;
  • Burn-Out & Mental Breakdown Motor Accidents;
  • Death & Bereavement Trauma Marriage & Divorce;
  • Social & Familial Issues Drug & Alcohol Addiction Sexual Abuse;
  • Physical Abuse Emotional Abuse Suicide;
  • High-Jacking Robbery Assault Chronic Illness Rape.

03. Nutritional Advice Assistance

  • Our nutritionists and dieticians will be available to offer advice on numerous topics and advise employees on;
  • Healthier alternatives in order to feel healthier and derive more energy from the foods that they eat.

04. Financial Advice

The aim of our Financial Assistance service is to provide employees with an understanding of their current financial position, analyze their spending patterns and to recommend practical steps to assist these members with becoming financially secure.

  • Interest Rates;
  • National Credit Act Notices;
  • Reckless Credit;
  • Right to Early Settlement;
  • Harassment by Credit;
  • Providers;
  • Debt Repayment;
  • Debt Prescription;
  • Consumer Rights;
  • Debt Affordability;
  • Administration;
  • Sequestration;
  • Risk Management;
  • Debit Orders;
  • General Banking Questions.

05. Fitness Expert

Benefits To The Employee

Our fitness and nutrition experts are available on both instant and telephonically. Our EAP solutions cater for everyone’s needs, to matter what the requirement is.

  • Healthy Eating Plans;
  • Special Diets;
  • Generic Advice;
  • Recipe Ideas;
  • Calorie counter;
  • Goals;
  • Pre-recorded videos;
  • Fitness Advice;
  • Customized Exercise;
  • Programmes;
  • Home Exercises;
  • Transformations;
  • Muscle Rehabilitation;
  • Calorie-Specific Eating;
  • Plans;
  • IBS Advice;
  • Caloric Requirements;

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