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About Us

We are a National Service Provider with our head offices in Gauteng.

Bluecollar Wellness Services is a leading provider of occupational health solutions, specializing in the physical and mental well-being of workers.

With years of experience in this niche, we have been devoted to ensuring workplace safety and preventing workplace-related injuries and illnesses. Our journey began with a passion for empowering organizations and individuals to prioritize their health and well-being, creating a positive and sustainable work environment.

Private Care Service

At Bluecollar Wellness Services, our purpose is clear – to enable organizations and guide individuals on their health and well-being journeys.

Behind our remarkable success lies a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about occupational health management.

  • Occupational Health Management
  • Employee Health And Wellness Program
  • Incapacity Disability Management
  • Healthcare Services

Certified by the International Organization for Standardization

The largest and most respected accreditation agencies

We are experts in designing, implementing, and delivering comprehensive occupational health solutions. Our
services ensure employer compliance with Occupational Health Legislation and administrative requirements.


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Kula Partners

About Us

Our journey began with a vision to create safer workplaces and reduce workplace-related injuries and illnesses.
Through tireless efforts and a deep understanding of occupational health management, we have emerged as a trusted name in the field. Our diverse and multidisciplinary team includes occupational health specialists, mental health experts, ergonomic consultants, and wellness coaches. With their expertise, we are able to provide holistic solutions tailored to the unique needs of each patient or organization we work with.

Why Us

Our core goals include:
• Ensuring workplace safety by implementing comprehensive occupational health management strategies.
• Preventing injuries and illnesses through proactive measures and monitoring.
• Promoting mental well-being to enhance overall productivity and job satisfaction.
• Empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about their health.

Our innovation

Our dedication to excellence has been recognized through various achievements and milestones. Some of our notable accomplishments include:
• Certifications and accreditations in occupational health management.
• Successful implementation of occupational health programs in over 100 organizations.
• Recognition for our innovative approach to workplace safety and well-being.

Employee Wellness Training

Our educational workshops are customized to target challenges the employees are facing and provide employees with the necessary tools to cope.
We offer wellness days, health awareness campaigns, and wellness training, aligning with the National Health Calendar. We provide in (occupational health) with on-site (medical surveillance) and (fit-for-employment testing) nationwide. Our (on-site clinics) offer tailor-designed services, including (mobile clinics) and (mobile x-rays), ensuring convenient access for all.

Risk Admin and Underwriting

Kula Partners provide integrated risk management solutions to ensure we meet the needs of our clients through a consultative approach.
Bluecollar Occupational Health, facilitated by Kula Partners, offers tailored risk management solutions through consultative methods. Independent of insurers, they analyze client needs for seamless solutions. Services include retirement fund administration, wellness programs, training, and incapacity management, ensuring legal compliance and proactive health intervention.

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